Circular 10/02: Technical Bulletins


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Technical Bulletins

Dear Sirs

In the last twelve years the Club's in-house Ship Inspectors have visited over 6,000 ships. This has enabled them to get a detailed overview of operational practices in the industry. Earlier this year, a series of Good Practice posters were issued drawing Members' attention to undesirable operational practices, illustrating both those and their "good practice" equivalent. The Good Practice series of posters will be added to each year on the basis of the experience obtained by the Ship Inspectors.

In addition to the Good Practice posters, the Club is making further use of the Ship Inspectors' knowledge by providing detailed advice in the form of Technical Bulletins. These bulletins will cover topics relevant to P&I claims, in greater detail than the Good Practice posters, with a view to raising awareness as to how claims may arise and can be prevented.

The Technical Bulletins will be made available in electronic form (as PDF documents*) only and can be sent by email direct to Members' ships if requested.

We hope that you will find these Technical Bulletins to be of assistance to you in reducing or minimising claims. In order to receive them as they are published, we would be grateful if you would provide us with the following information of the person to whom they should be sent:

1. Name

2. Title

3. Name of company

4. e-mail address

This information should be sent to Karl Lumbers at

Yours faithfully

Thomas Miller (Bermuda) Ltd.

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