Circular 1/20: P&IQ registration now open to all



  • P&I Qualification (P&IQ) registration is now open to all interested parties
  • The International Group of P&I Clubs launched P&IQ in 2010 to IG Club employees
  • The course was extended to Club correspondents in October 2017


In 2010 the International Group launched the P&I Qualification (P&IQ) programme as a dedicated professional qualification providing high quality, sector-specific training in all aspects of P&I insurance to Club employees. The course allows candidates to gain valuable knowledge of the shipping industry, the origins and operation of P&I Clubs and the different types of liabilities insured. Two years after making the course available to Club correspondents, in October 2017, registration is now being opened to all other interested parties.

The course materials have been updated and improved annually and are now available both as hardcopy textbooks as well as online. They provide carefully edited knowledge related to the work of the Clubs, including how risks are underwritten, how claims are dealt with and the application of international conventions. The Module structure and corresponding textbooks are as follows:

  • Module 1: The Shipping Business
  • Module 2: P&I Insurance History, Operation and Practice
  • Module 3: Underwriting, Loss Prevention and Claims Handling
  • Module 4: People Risks
  • Module 5: Cargo Risks
  • Module 6: Collision, FFO & Pollution
  • Module 7: Towage, Salvage, General Average & Wreck Removal
  • Module 8: [No textbook] A test-only module, assessing the candidate’s ability to apply the knowledge gained in other modules to real life case studies. 

For non-IG Club candidates, the cost of the course is £ 200 per module. This pays for access to the learning materials and the cost of sitting the exam. Users will also have access to PDF guides and online sample exams.

There are three levels of qualification linked to the Modules completed by a particular candidate:

P&IQ Certificate – Modules 1 - 3

P&IQ Advanced Certificate – Modules 4 - 7

P&IQ Diploma – Module 8

The P&IQ Subcommittee of the IG has worked hard over the last few years to prepare and moderate around 2,000 interactive exam questions, and new partnerships enable candidates to take the exams in their own offices, via a cutting edge system of remote invigilation.

The roll out of the programme to correspondents has been a success. More than 400 correspondents have participated, and one individual has completed all the Module 1-7 exams currently available (Module 8 will be launched for the first time in May 2020). The course has also delivered on its core objective of proving enhanced training for staff within P&I Clubs, with over 1,000 Club staff participating and candidates spanning all the IG Clubs.

Both the IG and individual clubs have had enquiries for some years from Members, brokers, reinsurers, lawyers, marine authorities and others connected with the industry, who are interested in taking part in the programme. We are therefore pleased to be able to advise that following the development and refinement of our remotely invigilated exam system, any interested parties are now invited to take part. The exams are sat in two sessions a year (one in spring and another in autumn) and the sitting in May 2020 will be open to all.

Potential candidates able to register for the course and to review the materials and online sample exams at .

All Clubs in the International Group have issued similar Circulars.

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If you have any questions, please contact either Senior Claims Director, Richard Case, or Senior Claims Executive, Ben Johnson


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