Coming to you shortly (Editorial 24th February 2011)

The Club has despatched a copy of the Nautical Institute publication "Bulk Carrier Practice" (2nd edn.) to its dry bulk carrier operator Members. Also in the package are the "Bulk Matters" DVD which addresses the causes and prevention of dry bulk cargo claims and the latest iron ore fines "aide-memoire".

Robert Lorenz-Meyer, President and Chairman BIMCO praised the book saying: 'Anyone in the bulk carrier industry will benefit from reading Bulk Carrier Practice. It deserves to be on the bookshelf on the bridge of all bulk carriers, and in the offices of all bulk carrier operators.'

This excellent book illustrates operational best practice on bulk carriers (see below for contents) and would normally cost £125 ($200). However, the Club has purchased sufficient copies to supply one free copy to each of its bulk carrier Members. Arrangements have been made with the Nautical Institute to provide additional copies at £75 ($120) each.

All our Members should be receiving their hard copies of the Club's Rules this week. The Club's Rules and List of Correspondents were mailed out, via their insurance brokers where required, in the quantities previously requested by Members. However, additional copies are always available on request from your usual Club contact.

In addition a web-based version of the Rules has been published in both pdf and page -turning formats. The pdf version can be downloaded to mobile devices and home computers for easy and convenient reference.

The Club recommends that all entered ships are provided with a copy of this book to enable prompt contact to be made with the Club or its correspondents in the event of an incident.

List of Contents for "Bulk Carrier Practice"

Chapter 1 Bulk carriers past, present and future

Chapter 2 Charterparties

Chapter 3 Log books, records, reference books and plans

Chapter 4 Maintenance and care of hatch covers

Chapter 5 Preparation of holds

Chapter 6 Ensuring systems are operational

Chapter 7 Ballast management

Chapter 8 Strength, stability, draught and trim

Chapter 9 Planning the loading

Chapter 10 Loading calculations

Chapter 11 Loading or discharging berth

Chapter 12 Loading period

Chapter 13 Establishing quantity of cargo loaded or discharged

Chapter 14 Cargo documents

Chapter 15 Loaded voyage

Chapter 16 The discharging period

Chapter 17 The ballast voyage

Chapter 18 Special types of bulk carriers

Chapter 19 Carriage of common and typical bulk cargoes

Chapter 20 Unusual cargoes and special trades

Chapter 21 Safety considerations

Chapter 22 Instruments and mechanical equipment

Chapter 23 Maintenance

Chapter 24 Repairs and drydocking

Chapter 25 Ship's housekeeping

Chapter 26 Bulk carrier casualties

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