Japan ports - 2nd update for 15th March - 1200GMT

The entire damaged areas, the northeast Japanese coasts are in the state of chaos. Earthquakes have still repeatedly been shaking the areas. It is extremely difficult to communicate with the local people there and obtain information and updates due to the communication system break-down.

However, the following ports in south to north order have reportedly been all seriously damaged; Kashima, Hitachinaka, Hitachi, Onahama, Soma, Sendai, Shiogama, Ishinomaki, Kesennuma, Ofunato, Kamashi, Miyako and Hachinohe. Please find these ports on the attached map. They will not be able to be operational at least months or even years.

All the others ports are working normally but please recheck with us for any particular port concerned.The major steel mills such as Nippon Steel, JFE and Sumitomo Metal are located at ports of Muroran, Kashima, Kimitsu (Kisarazu), Kawasaki, Nagoya, Wakayama, Kakogawa, Mizushima, Fukuyama, Oita, etc. and are not directly affected by the disaster except for Sumitomo Metal terminal at Kashima which has been damaged. Most of the major shipyards are located outside the damaged areas especially southern part of Japan, thus no damage by the earthquakes or tsunami.

The JX Group has suspended the export of petroleum products to meet domestic demand.

AkitaOpenTohoku ElectWorking in normal
AtsumiOpenChubu ElectWorking in normal
ChibaOpenCosmo Oil (14-A Pier)Working in normal
ChibaOpenCosmo Oil (Main)Terminal on fire / Closed / Unknown when to resume operation
ChibaOpenFuji OilWorking in normal
ChibaOpenIdemitsu KosanWorking in normal
ChibaOpenKPIWorking in normal
ChibaOpenSumitomo ChemWorking in normal
EtajimaOpenItochu EnexWorking in normal
IwakuniOpenJXNOE (Marifu)Working in normal
KanokawaOpenKanokawa TerminalWorking in normal
KashimaClosed / Aground vessels in port / Berths/Port facilities destroyedKashima DenkaiClosed / Unknown when to resume operation
KashimaClosed / Aground vessels in port / Berths/Port facilities destroyedKashima OilClosed / Unknown when to resume operation
KashimaClosed / Aground vessels in port / Berths/Port facilities destroyedMitsubishi ChemClosed / Unknown when to resume operation
KawasakiOpenJXNOE (Kawasaki Plant)No damage
KawasakiOpenMC TerminalWorking in normal
KawasakiOpenTGSKResumed operation
KikumaOpenTaiyo OilWorking in normal
MizushimaOpenJXNOE A FactoryWorking in normal
MizushimaOpenJXNOE B FactoryWorking in normal
MuroranOpenJXNOEWorking in normal
NagoyaOpenIdemitsu Kosan (Aichi)Working in normal
NagoyaOpenIsewan Sea BerthWorking in normal
NagoyaOpenJXNOE (Chita)Working in normal
NamikataOpenNamikata TerminalWorking in normal
NaoshimaOpenMitsubishi MaterialsWorking in normal
NiigataOpenTohoku ElectWorking in normal
NiihamaOpenSumitomo Metal MiningWorking in normal
OitaOpenJXNOEWorking in normal
OitaOpenShowa DenkoWorking in normal
OnahamaClosed / Berths/Port facilities destroyedOnahama PetroleumClosed / Unknown when to resume operation
OsakaOpenSakurajima FutoWorking in normal
OwaseOpenChubu ElectWorking in normal
SaganosekiOpenPan Pacific CopperWorking in normal
SakaiOpenCosmo OilWorking in normal
SakaiOpenMarubeni EnnexWorking in normal
SakaiOpenMitsui ChemWorking in normal
SakaiOpenOIREC (ex JXNOE Osaka)Working in normal
SakaiOpenTGSKWorking in normal
SakaideOpenCosmo OilWorking in normal
SendaiClosed / No information available / Presumably destroyedJXNOEClosed / No information available
ShimotsuOpenTGSK  (Wakayama)Working in normal
TokuyamaOpenIdemitsu KosanWorking in normal
TomakomaiOpenIdemitsu KosanWorking in normal
WakayamaOpenWakayama Petroleum RefiningWorking in normal
YokkaichiOpenCosmo OilWorking in normal
YokkaichiOpenShowa Yokkaichi SekiyuWorking in normal
YokohamaOpenExxonMobil (Tsurumi)Working in normal
YokohamaOpenJXNOE (Negishi)No major damage / In process to resume operation


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