Improving your access to renewal and cover information

Ahead of the 2014 renewal season we have been working on updating the Club's iPANDI app to bring you new features and improved usability.  It takes advantages of some of the changes in iOS 7. 

We've called it iPandi 1.1 and you can download it for free from the Apple App Store right now.

So what are the changes ?

  • 'Demo' option
  • A better landing page
  • Improved notifications
  • More focused documentation
  • Instant feedback to your claims handler on specific files

Demo option

If you ever need to show iPANDI to a colleague/client without disclosing confidential information we can now activate 'demo mode' for you. This gives you the key features of the app but only displays dummy claims and premium data so that you are not breaching any confidentiality agreements.

New 'at a glance' landing page

When you log in the new landing page presents a summary of any changes to your account information that have occurred since you last updated your data.  These include:

  • New claims movements
  • New premium movements
  • New club notifications

If you are a ship manager or insurance broker looking after more than one UK Club Member you will also see

  • List of Members with updates available
  • Link to view all Members
  • Refresh all Members with an update available with one button

You can directly tap on any section to be taken to the relevant view in iPANDI:


We have overhauled the notifications engine to make it more user friendly and get you to the information that matters quicker:

  • Notifications are now clearly separated by category (claims/premium/club)
  • You can now filter the notifications you are looking at by value allowing you easily to see movements at a level you decide is relevant.
  • New notifications are distinguished from older notifications so you can skip an older notification which you may have seen before
  • If you have access to more than one Member, you will now see notifications that apply to each Member separately.


In addition to downloading any document issued for the current year, we have now added the option to view documents at ship level as well as Member group level.


Need to contact the Club about a claim on the spot ?  Each claims view has a 'contact the Club' button.  Simply click to compose and send a query regarding that claim which will automatically be routed to the correct claims handler.

It is your feedback that has guided these improvements, so please keep it coming.  The feedback button on the landing page gives you the immediate option to comment or question the app and how it is working for you, our Member.

Staff Author