Press Release: UK P&I Club launches expanded Safety & Risk Management division


UK P&I Club launches expanded Safety & Risk Management division to support Members as they navigate increasingly complex risk environments

The UK P&I Club, has announced the launch of its Safety & Risk Management division. This expanded remit has been developed to provide Members with the breadth of resources and guidance to help them navigate increasingly complex risk environments. 

The Safety & Risk Management division comprises five key pillars; fleet quality, loss prevention, the environment, crew wellbeing, and industry collaboration. This strategic repositioning reflects the Club’s perspective that identifying risks and proactively mitigating future losses requires a more holistic approach to anticipating and addressing the evolving risks that owners and operators face, especially as they adapt to modern challenges such as the use of alternative fuels, the implementation of new digital and operational technologies, changing crew requirements, and geo-political uncertainties. 

William Beveridge, Chief Underwriting Officer, UK P&I Club, said: “As the shipping industry navigates an era of profound change, it is critical that we position our services in the right way to help our Members manage and protect themselves from current and emerging risks. Internally, our safety & risk management, claims, and underwriting teams will be working even more closely together to understand and adapt our cover to new challenges. For our Members, our Safety & Risk Management team will deliver a more comprehensive  suite of tools which will support them to take practical actions to improve fleet quality and operational safety.

“This isn’t a static solution; we will be evolving the products and support in the months and years to come. We look forward to sharing insights into best practices, championing new innovations, and collaborating with industry partners to collectively set ever-greater standards in understanding and managing risk.

In addition to encouraging Members to deepen their identification of safety risks, alongside tighter monitoring and reporting of safety performance, the Club also recognises the human influence on all elements of managing safety and risk. Our offering places people at the heart of this holistic approach, creating a more robust framework of support for seafarers as they adapt to the current and future challenges they face.

Stuart Edmonston, who assumes the role of Safety & Risk Management Director, UK P&I Club, said: “The launch of our new Safety & Risk Management strategy supports our ongoing commitment to delivering new safety insight that reflects the current and future needs of our Members. For the past 10 years it has been my privilege to lead what I consider the best loss prevention team in the market. This evolution, and my new role, demonstrates that we are serious, structured and systematic about how we monitor quality, understand safety, and deliver an exceptional loss prevention service to our members . The launch of our Safety & Risk Management division provides a complementary reinforcement of these services, that more fully responds to the broad spectrum of issues that our Members face.”

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