Bodily Injury news- Winter 18 Edition

Welcome to this Winter Edition of Bodily Injury News.

The cost of US bodily injury claims continues to be expensive and unpredictable, and when a claim does arise, having the expertise on hand to manage complex claims can make the difference. The TMA Bodily Injury Team was established to bring their unrivalled collective expertise to bear in working with Members and Club lawyers to develop strategies to manage these challenging claims.

The 2017 Bodily Injury Seminar was held in October at the TMA New Jersey office in Jersey City, with the 25 attendees including representatives of all vessel types and the speakers possessing a broad range of expertise. The theme was 'Dealing with Troublesome Cases' and for the first time we invited a plaintiff's lawyer to speak at the Seminar, with the goal of providing insight into how plaintiffs' lawyers value cases and prepare for trial. There were some fireworks when the plaintiff's lawyer gave a point-counterpoint presentation with a well-seasoned defense trial lawyer! It was a very informative session into the process and strategy of a typical bodily injury plaintiff.

This edition of Bodily Injury News also features the second Play for Pink Golf Outing, where we were delighted by the support shown at the event and more than $170,000 was raised. There are also articles from Markus McMillin on a jury consultant's perspective, and a report on crisis communications by Julia Moore. On the digital side, Stuart Edmonston, Director of Loss Prevention for the UK Club showcases the new 'Risk Ahoy' App and Dee O'Leary speaks about the current social media trends.

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