Risk Awareness: Third Party Property Claims


An aid to risk identification and loss reduction.

Use our colour-coded checklist to build your awareness of the risks and the steps needed to minimise them. 

This booklet is a guide to the Controls and key points that the UK Club’s Risk Assessors look for when inspecting a vessel. It will allow you to carry out a similar check on the Threats and Controls and make sure the vessel has a good risk profile.

Each booklet in the Risk Awareness series deals with an area of Risk – Personal injury, collision, pollution, etc – and these are sub-divided into Threats and then Controls.

Each Threat is followed by a ‘score’ section where the individual Controls can be graded according to how effective they are:

  1. Very good control
  2. Good control
  3. Average control
  4. Poor control
  5. Very poor control (maybe non-existent)

Furthermore, there is space to make comments on certain Controls; to note ways in which deficient ones could be improved. At the back, there is a section on Consequences, which is also divided into Controls that should be in place to mitigate the cost of any claim, i.e. after the event controls. These too can be graded.

Download the full pdf document here

For more information please get in touch with our Loss prevention team: lossprevention.ukclub@thomasmiller.com who will be pleased to assist you. 

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