UK Club Live Webinar (Series 9): LNG, the bridge to cleaner fuel

UK Club Live Webinar Series 9_LNG the bridge to cleaner fuel
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Shipping is facing a decarbonization push, and there is a significant amount of interest in LNG as a fuel source. Today many LNG fuelled ships are sailing the oceans, and many more are on order. With increasing LNG fuelled vessels, there is also a growing need for appropriate infrastructure to refuel these vessels.

When considering any new or evolving technology, it is essential to have a clear understanding of not only the benefits but the challenges that may be involved.

Watch this recording for a better understanding of the safety, operational and contractual challenges of LNG Bunkering operations, both from the LNG bunker vessel's perspective and the receiving vessel's perspective.


This discussion, revolves around supply and use of LNG as fuel, with a distinguished panel, addressing the following:

  • Safety and compatibility considerations with delivery from LNG bunker vessel.
  • Potential quality and quantity issues with LNG bunkers
  • Storage of LNG as fuel
  • Speed and performance-related challenges
  • Standards of training for the crew on LNG fuelled vessels.

Saunak Rai, General Manager of FueLNG and Marcus Dodds,Partner at Watson Farley & Williams, discuss LNG Bunkering, operational issues, and claims scenarios relating to the use of LNG as fuel. Following, Chris Clucas, Consultant at CWA with decades of LNG experience shares his views with Ansuman Ghoshabout LNG quality, training, retrofit, and methane slip issues.

The webinar had 850 registrations from over 55 countries and will be of interest to all stakeholders of LNG fueled vessels and for those who are considering a transition into this nascent energy source.

The webinar is followed by an interactive Q&A with the audience.

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