The UK P&I Club provides market-leading Charterers & Traders liability cover for up to US$1 billion to over 100 million GT of chartered shipping worldwide. Whether you are a time, voyage, slot or space charterer, or the actual cargo owner, our Charterers and Traders team can provide the best protection for your business.

Our comprehensive standard Charterers & Traders cover can be supplemented by a range of additional covers to provide you with a complete and cost-effective insurance and risk management solution backed by the Club’s S&P ‘A-/stable’ credit rating and ‘AAA’ capital strength.

All charterers and maritime traders are inevitably exposed to many third-party liabilities. Our unrivalled service and expertise – with 90 highly experienced claims handlers in 11 offices globally – means we can help you identify, control and manage these risks cost-effectively, and fully support you in the event of an incident.

Find out more about charterers’ & traders risks and how we can protect you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

By the nature of any charterparty agreement, a charterer will have to warrant, undertake or assume certain duties or obligations towards an owner that go beyond the basic requirement to pay freight or hire. These might relate to the safety of the port, or ports, where the vessel is asked to call or the nature of the cargo to be carried. Where there is a breach of these duties, a charterer may incur a liability. Similarly, where a charterer actively assumes the commercial operation of a vessel and, for example, becomes contractually responsible for the procurement of fuel or its wider trading pattern, this greater assumption of risk will carry with it additional liabilities for which the charterer will inevitably be held accountable should problems arise or there be a failure in performance. Even where, on paper, a charterer has passed these risks on or sought to maintain a back-to-back position, counterparty risk may still exist and thereby create an exposure. For all these reasons, the procurement of extensive and responsive liability cover should be an essential component of any prudent charterer’s risk management system.

The Club is able to offer market-leading expertise and support to a charterer and cargo owner when dealing with major casualty incidents, spanning not only the initial emergency response and investigative processes but also the subsequent monitoring, contingency planning and control of events as well as both public body and media liaison. In addition, due to the geographical spread of the Club’s offices and personnel, the Club is able to provide continuous support across time zones to facilitate real-time reporting and decision making. The Club also regularly runs drills and workshops for assureds in conjunction with other service providers to promote industry best practice and assist insured charterers and traders assimilate the services the Club can offer into their own emergency response procedures, where required.

The Club has strict rules for the handling of intra-Club disputes and internal systems to protect information and security at the time of the incident itself, its immediate aftermath and during any subsequent periods of negotiation or litigation between the parties. Whether a small dispute under the Inter-Club Agreement or a large unsafe port claim, these rules, and the principles that guide them, apply throughout. Should it become necessary, the Club is able to offer alternative dispute resolution solutions, including in-house mediation and early neutral evaluation, all of which can promote significant savings in both cost and time for all concerned.

Through its network of regional offices the Club offers responsive claims support and servicing on a global coverage basis across all major time zones. Accordingly, any charterer or trader which requires one may request a dedicated claims support team structured around their particular geographical needs. As part of this package, the Club is also able to provide loss prevention and contract review functions on a similar basis.

In addition to traditional claims handling and legal services across our charterers’ products, the Club can provide loss prevention expertise and contract review support to our insured charterers and traders on a daily basis. The Club is also able to assist with in-house seminars and training, and regularly runs external events and courses on a range of legal, operational and marine-insurance-related topics. Where charterers and traders have a specific issue or concern, the Club is also able to produce and provide tailored content upon request.

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