The UK Club’s Loss Prevention team combines practical solutions that address Members’ needs and claims experience with research into the wider issues that impact directly on P&I insurance and the Club’s exposure to claims.

Extensive experience

Every year, the UK P&I Club deals with thousands of claims using the expertise and experience of its professional claims handlers, ex-seafarers and lawyers. With five decades of research into loss prevention issues the Club has developed a formidable body of technical material on maritime risks. Each month the Loss Prevention team aim to share some of the Club’s claims experience, by looking at real case examples and identifying lessons learnt to help Members avoid similar incidents.

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Date: 12/06/2017
Vessel Type: Tanker  Incident description: While the 1st engineer was performing his normal daily duties as day work team leader, he instructed the 2nd & 3rd engineers to check a boiler valve gasket that had been reported as leaking.
Date: 11/05/2013
Vessel TypeBulk CarrierIncident description:Whilst the subject cargo vessel was anchored waiting to load cargo, a scheduled...
Date: 07/06/2017
Vessel Type: Dry cargo vessel Incident description: During an overtaking manoeuvre in a busy traffic separation scheme, the subject vessel grounded on a reef while making 22 knots.
Date: 07/06/2017
Vessel Type: Dry cargo vessel Incident description: The subject 5 hold vessel was fixed to load a full cargo of yellow Maize in bulk. The previous cargo was bulk fertiliser. On completion of...
Date: 07/06/2017
Vessel Type: Tanker Incident description: A collision occurred between the subject tanker (4,829 GRT) and an overtaking dry cargo ship (93,152 gross tons) in conditions of good weather and...

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