Zika Virus - Staying Safe

KVH Videotel have launched free Zika Virus training materials for seafarers. The workbook and accompanying short video provide useful tips on how best to avoid contracting Zika Virus and is specifically aimed at mariners.“Zika Virus – Staying Safe” is designed to provide shipowners, managers and crew with a greater understanding of:

  • the nature of the disease: its symptoms, how it is treated, and how it spreads
  • how to avoid becoming infected
  • what to do if someone develops symptoms
  • the importance of keeping oneself and others safe from infection
  • the role of a pest management plan to avoid passive transportation of virus-infected mosquitoes on ships

A copy of the workbook is available on the Club website. To access further free resources visit http://landing.kvh.com/zikasafety

Staff Author