Suzhou and Nantong also require low sulphur content fuel

Vessels entering Suzhou and Nantong ECA Area in Yangtze River Delta ECA to use fuel with sulphur content not exceeding 0.5% m/m as from 1 October 2018

Members' attention is drawn to the latest Circular dated 12 September 2018 from the Club's correspondents, Huatai Insurance Agency & Consultant Service Ltd. This is an update following on from the correspondents' last Circular dated 31 August 2018

On 27.08.2018, the Jiangsu MSA issued a formal notice that all vessels entering Suzhou and Nantong ECA in the Yangtze River Delta ECA are to use low sulphur fuel (not exceeding 0.5% m/m) as from 01.10.2018.

In-land and coastal vessels are also required to use diesel fuel meeting this standard.

From 01.10.2018, vessels calling at ports with available shore power shall use shore power as a priority.

From 29.10.2018 to 11.11.2018, vessels with shore power connection capabilities shall use shore power when berthing at terminals in Suzhou, Wuxi, Nantong and Changzhou, equipped with shore power facilities.

Vessels may also take alternative measures such as using clean fuels and exhaust gas cleaning systems to satisfy the emission control requirement.

A summary of the position is as follows.  As from 01.10.2018, vessels entering the Shanghai port area, the Yangtze River Delta ECA (with destination Ningbo or Zhoushan) and the Suzhou and Nantong ECA area must use low sulphur fuel (not exceeding 0.5% m/m).

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