The IMO MEPC Review on VLSFOs

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In the lead up to the implementation of the IMO Sulphur regulations (on 1 January 2020), the shipping industry raised concerns over the uncertainty and potential diversity of the VLSFO characteristics. In response to this, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) committee in charge of ISO 8217 published a global overview of the key VLSFO fuel characteristics in use during the period January to June 2020. These findings were compared with the characterises found in HSFO, from January to June 2018.

Key findings from the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MPEC) document (MEPC 76/5) include:

  • Average viscosity of the VLSFO was generally lower than that of the HSFO
  • A broader range of viscosity was found in the VLSFO – from 10 cSt to over 380 cSt
  • A higher risk of instability in VLSFO
  • Average sulphur content found in the VLSFO was 0.45% (by mass)
  • Lower levels of cat fines and fewer samples found off-spec
  • VLSFO products are tending to be more paraffinic in nature with higher pour points

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Meredith Yang