IMO MEPC - 超低硫黄燃料油(VLSFO)の品質レビューを発表

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海運業界で指摘されている超低硫黄燃料油(VLSFO)の不安定性や従来の燃料油(HSFO)との特性の違いについて、船舶燃料油の規格ISO 8217を策定した国際標準化機構(ISO)委員会は、2020年1月から6月までに供給されたVLSFOとHSFOの品質比較を発表しました。レポートは下記よりダウンロードしていただけます。

In response to the concerns raised by the shipping industry on the uncertainty and potential diversity of the very-low-sulphur-fuel-oil (VLSFO) characteristics, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) committee in charge of marine fuel standard ISO 8217 (ISO/TC28/SC4 and its WG6) has provided a global overview of the key VLSFO fuel characteristics, as supplied during the period January to June 2020 and comparisons with the quality of HSFO supplied in the period January to June 2018.

The data within the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MPEC) document (MEPC 76/5) shows that 2020 VLSFOs have a lower average viscosity, density, micro carbon residue (MCR), Calculated Carbon Aromaticity Index (CCAI) and higher net specific energy than 2018 HSFO. Compared to HSFOs, VLSFO characteristics show a wider viscosity distribution and generally lower viscosity and density.

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