Employers' Liability Register

The United Kingdom Mutual Steam Ship Assurance Association Limitedis a firm regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom (PRA/FCA reference number 202560). In accordance with the FCA Handbook ICOBS 8.4.4, the Club is required to publish an Employers' Liability Register. The insurance cover provided for individuals is provided subject to the Rules of the Club and the certificate of entry in relation to the Member's entered ship.

The Club's register contains details of ships for which employers' liability claims have been notified since 20th February 2011. A separate UK London register contains details of ships entered in the Club prior to 20th February 1971 for which employers' liability claims have been notified since 20th February 2011. It can be found on their ELR web page here

Ships entered in the Club may not be on risk for the whole of the policy year in question.

Enquiries regarding this register should be made to Paul O'Neill, UK P&I Club (Tel: +44 (0)7826 908550; Email: Paul.O'Neill@thomasmiller.com)

Claims filed

Ships in respect of which claims have been filed can be sought in the PDF below.

The current insured fleets for the Club can be searched via the following link: UKC - Formerly UK (Europe)

UKC - Formerly UK (Europe)

Note:- If a ship has changed its name, the most recent name of the ship will be shown on the ship search. The IMO number remains the same.

For wider searches of the international merchant shipping fleet, we recommend the EU's ship database Equasis. This free to access service maintains insurance records in respect of all the International Group P&I Clubs and is updated monthly.


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