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STCW changes

In August 2012, The UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency has released an M notice "MGN 448 - Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping Convention, 1978 as Amended Manila Amendments: Medical Certification, Hours of Work and Alcohol Limits" on the changes to medical certification, rest hours and alcohol limits due to the amendments in the STCW convention as well as the MLC convention. The notice is attached above.

A short explanation on these "Manila Changes" of STCW can be found in the Club website's 'MLC 2006' section.

Rest Hours:

The main changes in the STCW have the effect of aligning it with the MLC convention to avoid any conflict. The STCW convention for the work & rest hours has been in force since the 1st of Jan 2012. Members might need to check the revised conditions for exceptions that might require any changes in their company SMS.

The OCIMF recommendations on work & rest hours of January 2012 are also attached in the MLC 2006 website area.

Alcohol Limits :

The STCW convention revises the alcohol limits to blood alcohol limit of 0.05% .

Updated: 9 October 2012


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