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The average cost of an illness claim has risen from US$19,000 in 2008 to US$28,000 by 2012 equivalent to a nine per cent annual increase. This continuing inflation in personal injury and illness claims focuses the Club's attention on loss prevention and advice which can be found in the

People Claims


Among the items recently published there are a series of reports on liability cases settled under Philippine jurisdiction covering such topics as rulings on permanent disability and the findings by company doctors in such cases.

Supporting advice and information on dealing with


can be found in a specialist sub-section of People Claims.

A miscellany of

UK Club articles

including our specialist newsletter Bodily Injury News which focuses on US liability law and settlements in particular also has its own subsection.

The UK Club sets great store by preventive action on seafarer illness claims through pre-employment medical examinations (PEME). The


section of the website illustrates the cost-benefit equation for effective medicals and give comprehensive explanations of the clinic network and administration of medicals for seafarers in the key recruiting centres of the world.

The impending implementation of the Maritime Labour Convention in August this year also has a bearing on liability and responsibility towards seafarers. To that end, a separate specialist section on

MLC 2006

can also be found on our website.

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