601 - 9/08 - Customs fines - Ukraine


Previous loss prevention bulletins have brought to the attention of members the apparently groundless high penalties imposed on vessels, as reported to the Association.

The Club's local correspondent in Odessa, Ukraine reports that recently Customs officers found aluminium pipes and a copper wire reel somewhere on board the ship and are attempting to impose a maximum fine on the vessel for having undeclared items on board.

The Club's correspondent has also previously reported of a fine of US$3,200 being imposed on a vessel after an open can of paint (and other instruments used in general maintenance) was found on board.

Customs officers routinely sound vessels' bunker tanks and will impose a fine if a discrepancy is discovered between their own figures and those declared by the ship.

Members with vessels visiting Ukrainian ports are advised to ensure that those vessels perform thorough soundings of the bunker tanks in order to ensure that the correct quantity is declared. Additionally, all items on board including spares should be listed and declared in order to avoid unnecessary fines.

Source of information

DIAS Marine Consultants

Odessa, Ukraine

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