632 - 4/09 - Short Shipments - South America/North Africa


It has been brought to the attention of the Association that a large number of short shipments have been noticed when carrying grain from South America to North Africa.

These problems have been occurring on vessels which have loaded in either Rosario or San Lorenzo, Argentina, bound for Algeria and Egypt. It should be noted that a number of similar incidents have also occurred recently with cargoes loaded at Ensenada, Mexico.

The frequency and quantity of these shortages has caused concern. The amount of shortage has varied from case to case but is sometimes found to be in excess of 400mt, this represents a significant problem to all involved and makes it vitally important that Masters are aware of the problems they could face in these ports.

The Association advises Members to remain vigilant when involved in this kind of trade and to appoint an independent draught surveyor if possible to protect their interests. Hatch covers and hatch accesses should be secured and sealed in the presence of the shipper prior to departure and integrity confirmed on arrival at the discharge port with the receiver present.

The Master should be careful what draught survey documents are signed at load ports as there are reports of Master’s signing for provisional figures with final figures being added after the ship sails. Should Masters have any concerns at time of loading the Club’s correspondent should be contacted.


Staff Author