808 - 01/12 - Customs fines - Ukraine


The Club continues to experience fines emanating from various authoritative bodies in Ukraine with fines issued by Customs and Environmental control becoming more common.

The Club's Ukrainian correspondent comments that the local laws are quite strict and are vigorously enforced. It should be noted that fines are not issued without provocation. It should also be noted that as the authorities are acting on behalf of the state challenging these fines proves difficult and a challenge will likely fail and almost certainly lead to the vessel being delayed.

It should be further noted that the authorities in Ukraine do not accept any form of guarantee including any P&I LOI and will only allow the vessel to proceed after funds have been received in to their own accounts.

The Club’s correspondent in Ukraine, DIAS Marine Consulting have extensive notes, guidance and practical solutions regarding these issues. The Club recommends any Members who are likely to call Ukraine to visit the DIAS website for local guidance.

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Source of Information:

Artyom Nanev

Claims Handling Dept.

DIAS Marine Consulting

Odessa, Ukraine





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