844 - 09/12 - Increased Fishery Farm Claims - Lanshan - Shandong - China


Sub-marine fish farm installations are becoming more common in the waters off the Chinese coast.  The large fishing nets in these farms are expensive and pose a significant risk to marine traffic in the area.

A recent notice from the Club's Chinese correspondents has informed us of the intention of the Chinese government to approve the expansion of fish farms in the navigable waters close to the Chinese port of Lanshan.

The Club’s correspondent in the area is concerned that with the increasing number of claims arising from vessels entering fishery farms in the area these might be increased further. The warning they have issues is available to read on the attached Bulletin.

The Club would strongly recommend members intending to operate in the waters off China pay particular attention to local notices obtaining as up to date information as possible from their local agents.

Cause of the Situation

In China, the local Ocean and Fishery Administration is authorized to approve use of the sea area, while the safety of navigation is governed by local Maritime Safety Administration (MSA), so that some of the approved fishery farms are so close to the channels as to endanger navigation safety. In addition, the laws for fishery culture activities and for navigation safety are in conflict. For example, under Chinese law, it is arguable who should be the rightful subject to apply for issuance of notice to mariners.

Read the full Bulletin for download below.


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