865 - 01/13 - Cold Water Survival - Worldwide

The IMO has released a revised edition of the Guide to Cold Water Survival which takes into account medical progress and opinion since the last guide was issued in March 2012 in order to better enable those unlucky enough to be exposed to cold water and also those who provide aid and rescue.The guide is intended for seafarers and provides guidance in the following areas:
  • An explanation of cold water hazards and their effects
  • Actions to take prior to abandoning ship into cold water
  • Action to take during the survival phase – both in the water and in survival craft
  • The rescue phase
  • Treatment of people recovered from cold water or from survival cradt
  • Treatment of the ‘apparently dead’
The full document can be found at the IMO website as ‘MSC.1/Circ.1185/Rev.1’ or can be downloaded hereSource of Information: 

International Maritime Organisation - Marine Safety Committee www.imo.org



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