Tianjin Port operations

Following the explosion at the port of Tianjin on 12th August 2015, the Club has received an update from our local correspondent on the situation.

Port operations return to normal

According to Tianjin MSA, currently all terminals at the port have resumed normal operations. Loading and discharge operations are affected at Huisheng and Euroasia terminals as they were closer to the explosion site. All other terminals at the port are operating normally. Roads surrounding the site of the explosion remain blocked, any vehicles entering or exiting the area are on diversion - which may cause delay in moving cargo to and from the port.

Dangerous cargo operations are prohibited

Tianjin Municipal Transportation Commission have issued a notice to all relative departments to cease dangerous cargo operations, details are as follows:

  1. All dangerous cargo container terminals cease export & import operations for all containers;
  2. All liquid bulk cargo terminals cease export & import operations for all dangerous cargoes. 
  3. All dangerous cargo container yards cease all export & import vanning and devanning operations for all dangerous cargo.

Tianjin MSA has informed related departments to strictly follow the notice and cease all port entry & exit application of related vessels and cargoes. Tianjin port has received notice to resume some operations of low-risk dangerous cargoes, such as residual oil, base oil and asphalt).

China Inspection and Quarantine service have confirmed that other than the dangerous cargoes listed above, there is no restriction to the operations of other cargo, inclusive of iron ore, agricultural products, etc..

Air condition safety

In respect of the air condition, 17 detecting points were set up in the perimeter zone to monitor the air, soil and water in real-time for 24 hours a day. According to the latest report, some trace of cyanide were found in two of the detecting points, which temporarily may not be harmful to the surrounding area. At present, within 2 km from the explosion site are under a state of siege, other than that area, people are normally allowed to enter and exit.

It is advisable to equip protective appliances for crews. For crews working on deck, they are recommended to clean their overalls on a daily basis.


  1. The cargo in the open storage, especially steel cargo, is possibly affected by the explosive dust. Therefore the appointed pre-loading surveyor shall be especially cautious of the condition of cargo and make proper remarks.
  2. In order to best protect crew's safety, it is necessary to provide protective appliances for crews.

Members or Charterers with any questions regarding the current situation in Tianjin should contact their usual Club contact.

The Club would like to thank our Huatai - for this update.

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