Ships are alerted to expect an increased number of fishing boats when sailing in Chinese waters

The UK P&I Club have received the following circular from correspondents Huatai, regarding potential collisions with fishing boats while sailing in Chinese waters as the fishing ban period in the region comes to an end.


According to the Ministry of Agriculture of PRC (MOA), the annual summer fishing ban starts on 01 May and ends 01 August, 16 August, 01 September and 16 September in Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea, East China Sea and South China Sea. Meanwhile, China MSA also released a safety alert in this aspect. We hereby prepare this circular in order to alert ship owners, managers and masters to take due caution to avoid collision with fishing boats when sailing in Chinese waters.


Members can read the full circular. For more information on fishing vessels, please see the Club's latest Risk Focus Consolidated 2017.


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