Human Factors Training Course, London, 23-25th January 2023

Between 23-25 January 2023, the UK P&I Club held the latest human element training course in collaboration with CAE at CAE's EasyJet and Virgin Atlantic training centre in Gatwick. The course was created in order to try and help Members improve behaviours on board their vessels, and understand the importance of safety leadership. 

Upon completion, participants are encouraged to sign up and receive free access to CAE's computer-based training modules, which are owned and controlled by CAE. These materials can then be adopted partly or fully into Members' existing training programmes. The course is divided into a core content of 14 individual modules related to resource management, critical psychology, interpersonal skills and a toolkit required to increase overall safety on board. The 14 modules include:

  1. Human Performance and Limitations - Physical and psychological limitations and factors that can lead to loss of performance.
  2. Attitudes - Common hazardous and safe thoughts and understanding how attitudes can affect behaviour.
  3. Situational Awareness - Factors that influence and maintain situational awareness, as well as spotting the signs of a loss in situational awareness.
  4. Cultural Awareness - The need for cultural awareness, different types of culture and how it affects behaviour.
  5. Communication and Briefings - Principles of good communication and the importance of briefings.
  6. Authority and Assertiveness - The need for a balance between authority and assertiveness and the dangers of extreme combinations.
  7. Challenge and Response - The importance of establishing a Challenge and Response environment, how to make a challenge and how to respond to challenges.
  8. Short Term Strategy - When to apply a short term strategy and recognizing the influence of risk and time on the decision making process. Lateral thinking (problem  solving).
  9. Workload - Recognise different workloads, the importance of pre-planning, problems at the start and during delegation and how to delegate correctly. On board training and coaching.
  10. Humans and Automation - Automation characteristics and dangers, people’s attitudes towards automation and the importance of applying MCRM techniques to automation.
  11. Team State - Six Team States, being able to recognize the “states” and the factors that affect them.
  12. Error Management - Types of errors (including “blunt” and “sharp end” errors), types of defences and countermeasures and a policy for responding to learning from errors.
  13. Leadership Styles - How to identify them and when to use them. Leadership dealing with crisis. Motivation as part of Leadership training.
  14. Decision Making - Different categories of decision, how to classify decisions, influence of initial preference and hidden pressure on decision-making.

Current Course Details 

Location: Gatwick, London

Who should attend: Members of the Club, the training is most suited to fleet managers and senior crew training officers and/or HSQE/HSSE managers and DPAs.

Cost: Free to Members. Please note that you will need to organise & pay for your own travel, accommodation and additional catering

  • Highly engaging 14 module CBT (Computer-based training) programme containing 46 modern maritime human element video drama clips set in the Engine Room and Bridge
  • Comprehensive Workshop Leader Guide. Supporting the Workshop leader through every module
  • Quick Reference Handbook (QRH)
  • Student guide and take away of key MCRM learning and tools
  • Student workbook covering each module and case study guide
  • Student case study book and separate instructor case stud guide
  • Instructor PowerPoints to support the MCRM learning programme

The Club hopes to shortly confirm the dates of the next course, this time at CAE's Singapore Airlines Facility. If you are interested in hearing about future Human Factor Events, please contact Katie Hill.

Katie Hill

Senior Loss Prevention Technician