822 - 05/12 - Asian Gypsy Moth, 2012 - North America


The seasonal issue of Asian Gypsy Moth is already upon us and Members should be aware of the possible delays that may occur in North American ports if necessary precautions are not made prior to a vessels departure from East Asia.

Both the Canadian and the United States governments take strict precautions to restrict the migration of the Asian Gypsy Moth (AGM), which is extremely harmful to North American hardwood trees. The following LP Bulletin serves to update members of reporting requirements and procedures.


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFID) are the responsible authority for maintaining vigilance against the spread of AGM in Canada. CFID release detailed updates to standing regulations annually to keep in step of the movements of this seasonal issue. The latest updates concerning the 2012 season were released 18 March 2011. A Summary of the most important points follows.

All marine vessels entering Canada are subject to inspection at any time of the year to verify freedom from AGM. However, a more focused approach is adopted regarding vessels that trade out of East Asia.

The Master of a marine vessel that has visited port(s) in regulated areas during specified periods listed in Appendix 2 in the current year or in the year immediately preceding the current year must provide to the vessel's Canadian agent:

• a summary of the ports called upon by the vessel for the past 2 years; and

• a copy of a Phytosanitary Certificate or other approved certificate(s)


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