1165 - 05/19 - Uncharted terminals in China ports


INTERTANKO have recently received reports from Members in relation to uncharted terminals in China ports. Hydrographic inaccuracies and the non-marking of existing terminals on charts pose serious navigational risks and prevent ship Masters from carrying out proper passage planning and risk assessment.

The following terminals have been reported to INTERTANKO by Members, and are not currently marked on China navigational charts:

ENC/Chart Number Feedback

This ENC covering the port of Zhoushan (China) does not include the pier of the Zhoushan LNG terminal.


Qidong LNG terminal - jetty at position: Lat: 32 04.284 N - Long: 121 46.473 E does not exist.



The new LNG receiving facility jetty, with coordinates Lat = 24 46' 24.08" N / Long = 067 17' 13.44" E is not visible.


Guangxi Beihai LNG Terminal - The ENC chart of the Beihai Approach Channel did not show the LNG terminal.


Port Port Zhoushan Jinrun OIL jetty (Psn: Lat: 29-45.355 N Long 122-03.763 E) uncharted.



Port of Caojing, Fubao Pier new terminal (Psn: Lat. 30-46N Long 121-27.5E) uncharted.


Dragon Crown Terminal Nanjing, China LPG/chemical Berth - Jetty 3 missing position 32° 12.70' N 118° 51.45' E


Berth No. 8 in Rizhao (Berth position: 35 deg 05.96' N / 119 deg 24.6' E) uncharted.



Weifang, China

  1. Fairway entrance buoy No. 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42 uncharted.
  2. Charted depth approaching Sime Darby Terminal, on chart depth are 4.3 Mtrs, 4.9 Mtrs, 5.3 Mtrs, but actual depth more than 10 Mtrs.

China MSA to consider marking on ENCs the specified anchorage position for
every vessel in all anchorages.



Berth D13 of Dongjiakou, China is marked as "Work in progress 2017", berth otherwise uncharted.

C1513136 Dragon Crown Terminal Jetty No. 3, Nanjing, China uncharted.

INTERTANKO Secretariat sent a formal letter to the China MSA on 5 April 2019 noting their concerns regarding the non-markings, as well as concern over China's policy on the non-marking of sensitive structures such as gas terminals on China hydrographic charts.

The Secretariat have also appealed to China MSA to assist by investigating the feedback received and advising on what follow-up actions are to be taken with regard to updating the navigational charts as well as more timely marking of new terminals, including gas terminals, on charts going forward.

Any further feedback can be sent to the Secretariat in Singapore (singapore@intertanko.com).

This issue is also being followed closely by INTERTANKO's Nautical Sub Committee and the Gas Tanker Committee.

Source of Information

Loss Prevention/INTERTANKO


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