Everything begins with listening to our Members and their brokers. Our Members' feedback helps us to identify areas where we must continue to improve to enable best in class service for our Members. The Club’s service commitment sets out what Members can expect from the Club, in terms of their dealings generally and on underwriting, claims and loss prevention matters specifically. It provides Members with a benchmark against which they can measure the service they receive.

The UK P&I Club has in place and operates, appropriate and effective procedures for registering and responding to complaints from our Members. The value of comments from Members and others in the market on the service we provide has long been recognised and the feedback system is where such comments have been collected and analysed. As a result of feedback received we have amended the way we operate.

Complaints and other customer feedback may be reported using one of the established methods of reporting feedback set out below.

We will reply to all complaints within 24 hours of receipt. All complaints should be routed through our compliance department

How may a complaint be filed?

What information should be included?

  • Company name and location

  • Nature of the complaint or feedback with details including when and how the issue arose and with whether it has already been brought to the attention of the Managers.

We have recently reviewed our email security arrangements in an effort to reduce the volume of potentially fraudulent emails we receive.  A number of measures have been put in place to better validate the legitimacy of the email sender before allowing messages into our internal email system.  Included is the use of SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record validation. This gives positive proof that the email is from a legitimate domain associated with the sender company. In the unlikely event that you have not added an SPF entry to your domain record your messages will not pass this simple validation check and cannot be received into our email system. Please ask your usual Club contact if you would like our IT specialists to discuss with your IT department.

Emergency Contacts

If you need to call our offices out of hours and at weekends, click After Office hours for a up to date list of the names of the Duty Executives and their mobile phone numbers. 

Ship Finder

This Ship Finder is updated on a daily basis. Members who need to advise the Club of updates to their recorded ships' details should advise their usual underwriting contact.