Wash Damage and Speed Regulation Update - River Plate and Parana De Las Palmas, Argentina


The UK Club have received the following update from local correspondents, Pandi Liquidadores, regarding new speed limitations and wash damage guidance within the Parana River area.


Please be advised that on 22 April 2022 the Coast Guards of Zarate have enacted Disposition 6-2022 imposing a new speed limitation between Km. 180 205 of the Pasaje Talavera river (within the Parana River ) of max. 10 knots. This could be exceeded for safety reasons only after communicating this to CG/VTS. Moreover, the Disposition establishes that the vessels shall sail with the minimum speed  compatible with the good steering between Km. 183.6 186 Pasaje Talavera when barges are moored in that area.

Coast Guards decision is "experimental" for a period of 180 days (23/10/2022).

Taking advantage of CG's new Disposition we enclose our Circular 36/2020 on speed regulations revised as above and to remind to the Clubs the steep increase of Coast Guards Enquiries / Fines received in the last two years due to breach to speed regulations. Particularly, between Km. 406 435  Parana River where the CG have intensified the control via AIS/VTS as a consequence of the low waters which continue to be experienced in the Parana River. Just fyr, on this aspect, according to the latest monthly report of the Water National Institute (INA), the forecast until 30 June 2022 does not suggest a quick recovery of the normal water level in the Parana River, which, probably, will remain below historical average during the forthcoming winter, regardless of the recovery observed in March / April.

In order to avoid wash damages and fines, it would be paramount for the Master to enquiry the Pilot about speed restrictions and the voyage plan, to ensure same are observed by reference to ship's SOG, and, if same shall be exceeded for any reason, to ensure that the Pilot communicated this to VTS beforehand. We would suggest for the Master to make an entry in ship´s log in these cases. 


Members can download the full circular from Pandi Liquidadores below. For further information, please get in touch with your usual Club contact.


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Petar Modev

Head of Ship Inspections