South Korea COVID-19 Quarantine Regulation Update

South Korea

The Club would like to draw Members' attention to the latest circular from Spark International, a correspondent in South Korea, relating to the updates to the South Korea Quarantine Regulation. 

1. Notification of Quarantine (Article 9, Quarantine Act)

The Master of the vessel shall notify National Quarantine Station via VTS or the agent 24 hours prior to entering the port. Arrival / Departure General Declaration must be submitted upon notifying the authorities. 

The owner of the vessel / vessel's agent may notify the authority on behalf of the master. 

2. Quarantine Inspection

1. On-board Inspection

All crew members and passengers shall be subject to quarantine inspection such as temperature check and health questionnaires conducted by the National Quarantine Station upon arrival. Vessels subject to on-board inspection are as follows:

A. Vessels with reported cases of death / crew member infection (including suspected infection crew)

B. Vessels with seafarers that have embarked the vessel within the past 14 days

C. Vessels without a valid 'Ship Sanitation Control Certificate' 

D. Vessels where on-board inspection is deemed necessary by the director of National Quarantine Station (NQS). 

2. Electronic Quarantine 

Vessels not subject to on-board inspection shall be subject to electronic quarantine. However, failing to clear the electronic quarantine shall subject the vessel to on-board inspection. 


For full details on the update, the Circular is available for download below. 

  • South Korea Quarantine Regulation Update - Spark International Circular 379 KB


    Download PDF

Neil Beckwith

Correspondent Manager/Claims Director