The Port of Fujairah - Disembarking crew due to injury or sickness new regulation

The Club has been advised by our Correspondent that the Port of Fujairah has put in place a new regulation prohibiting a vessel from sailing when a crew member is disembarked for medical reasons. The new regulation is currently in force and states the vessel will not be allowed to sail until the crew member recovers and is fit to rejoin or alternatively is repatriated.Additionally, crew disembarkations due to injury must be informed to the police authorities and the vessel will only be permitted to sail after proper clearance is received from the police GHQ and the crew member is duly repatriated.

This new regulation may lead to potential unnecessary delays and costs  for Owners, particularly for serious illness and injuries that require a considerable period of hospitalisation prior to the crew member being fit to travel.  Members may have to consider nearby ports like Sohar, or Dubai, in the event they are able to divert to disembark a crew member requiring medical treatment.

 The Club will continue to monitor the situation and will advise members accordingly. For more information Members should contact their usual Club contact.

 A copy of the Port of Fujairah's notice is available here

Staff Author