Stop Loss 17: 冷蔵機能を使用しないリーファー・コンテナの貨物輸送ガイドライン


空コンテナの輸送コストを軽減するため、冷蔵機能を使用せずにドライカーゴを輸送することがあります。TTクラブではコンテナ業者関連団体のCOA 及びCINSと共に、その際に注意すべき事柄について'Guidelines for the Carriage of Cargoes in Non-Operating Reefer Containers' を作成しました。本ガイドラインはTTクラブのStop Loss シリーズのサイトで公開していますので是非ご活用ください。

In order to minimise empty repositioning costs, container operators frequently use reefer containers in a 'non-operating' mode to carry approved dry cargo - either on a return leg or to re-position the equipment without operating the refrigeration machinery.

Transporting 'non-operating reefer' (NOR) cargo enables the carriage of additional cargo, where reefers need to be positioned for their next cargo move, but are competing for slot space with revenue-earning dry cargo. Because of the differences between General Purpose and Refrigerated containers (both the design and the materials), additional considerations are necessary in relation to approval of cargo to be carried in this way and the packing requirements that need to be taken into account.

A new document entitled 'Guidelines for the Carriage of Cargoes in Non-Operating Reefer Containers' has been published by the Container Owners Association (

), in conjunction with the CINS (Cargo Incident Notification System) Organisation (

) and the TT Club.

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