UKクラブは、船舶の衝突事故のその回避策について東京でセミナーを開催しました。当クラブ日本クレーム担当マネージャーの津久井亜紀がクレーム分析と傾向について、ロス・プリベンション・ダイレクターのスチュアート・エドモンストンがケース・スタディについて、また日本支店の菱木雅章が人的要因について講演しました。その後の懇親会ではご出席のメンバー及び関係者の皆様との交流の機会が設けられました。The UK P&I Club recently held its annual P&I seminar for its Members in Tokyo on the subject of collision avoidance. The seminar was well attended with about eighty Members and Brokers from the Japanese maritime community. Representing the Club were Stuart Edmonston, Loss Prevention Director, Aki Tsukui, Syndicate Manager, and from the UK Club Japan Branch Masaaki Hishiki, Claims Executive.  The seminar chaired by Masaki Oiwa, consisted of a number of talks and case studies focusing on some of the contributing factors that cause collisions at sea, with the speakers giving some insight into the claims stats and trend; lessons learnt from case studies; and the human aspects that have to be considered.  A question and answer session then followed.

Following the talks a reception was hosted for the attendees which provided an excellent opportunity for further discussion.

The UK P&I Club would like to thank the Members, Brokers and Guests for their support and for making the seminar such a success.

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