UKクラブ・ウェビナー(Series 17): バラスト水管理の今後の展望

UK PI Club Live Webinar Series 17 Ballast Water Management Outlook
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UKクラブが先日「バラスト水管理の今後の展望について」と題して開催したウェビナーは好評のうちに終了しました。本ウェビナーではバラスト水管理(BWM)技術、実用化、コンプライアンス・モニタリング、条約の施行および実際の運用に焦点を当て議論しました。UKクラブ Vimeoページからもご覧いただけます。

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The UK Club hosted yet another successful webinar discussing “Ballast Water Management Outlook”.

Topics discussed

The webinar focused on Ballast water management (BWM) technology, implementation, compliance monitoring, enforcement of the convention, and operational practicalities. The panellists discussed the various developments at the International Maritime Organization and within the industry. The webinar was attended in great numbers and generated many queries. Exciting Q/A sessions followed up each presentation. The critical area of concern seemed to be the operation of the BWM plant in ports with challenging water. Ensuring ships have specific contingency measures and that ship’s crew are provided with adequate training seemed the best possible mitigating steps for existing systems.

The panel discussions and queries from the audience echoed that the ballast water management system is still in its formative years, even after several years of talks. There are many ongoing challenges for the technologies developed, tested, and installed on the ships to address this complicated issue of ballast mediated invasions. Additionally, there remains significant regulatory uncertainty and how different port states will access compliance. Also, the webinar reiterated that these discussions are essential now while we are still in the experience-building phase and while the compliance deadlines are looming.

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