Lance Hebert (LAH)

Senior Claims Director

T: +44 20 7204 2490

M: + 44 7920 467172


Lance has been a Senior Claims Director since 1997, specialising in oil pollution and major casualty response, including collision, salvage, general average, wreck removal and coral reef restoration. 

He joined Thomas Miller in August 1977 as a P&I claims handler. During his career, he has worked extensively with Members based in the German, Greek, Turkish and South American markets. 

Lance has had responsibility for the Club's long-standing Brazilian business interests and relationships since 1985. This responsibility included a nine-year spell working in the Club's Miami office, where he enjoyed a period as Office Manager. He also oversaw the Club's wider South-American business interests for 20 years, until that office relocated to New Jersey in 2005. 

Lance has a Shipping Certificate from the City of London Polytechnic College, and has business fluency in Portuguese and Spanish.