RISK ALERTS - HIDROVIA アルゼンチンにおけるビザ申請について

コレスポンデンツVega & Co - Marine Risk and Insurance Solutionsは、アルゼンチンにおけるビザ申請についてアップデートを発表しました。

Our correspondent Vega & Co - Marine Risk and Insurance Solutions has provided the following update regarding Argentinian visa applications.


Please kindly note that, as per new resolution issued by the Argentinian government, all transit, working & temporary visa applications from the following countries have been cancelled until further notice due to the outbreak of the COVID '19:

  • • People Republic of China
  • • Republic of Korea (South Korea)
  • • Islamic Republic of Iran
  • • Japan
  • • United States of America
  • • United Kingdom
  • • EU countries

The Argentinian Consulates located on those countries will not issue any working/transit and, specially, crew visas.

All electronic visas from mentioned countries will also be suspended until further notice.


If you have any questions please get in touch with your usual Club contact. 

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