Seafarers in Front bow of a carcarrier

当クラブのコレスポンデンツ担当マネージャーであるNeil Beckwithは、P&Iクラブのコレスポンデンツが今日の海運業界において、メンバーの利益を守るうえで重要な役割を果たしていると述べました。

Neil Beckwith, Correspondent Manager for the UK P&I Club, spoke with Maritime Risk International on why correspondents remain as relevant as ever in today's marine market. 

P&I Clubs tend to have a network of offices in the shipping hubs of Europe, Asia and the US, but they do not have a presence in every country. Correspondents perform a key role in looking after the interests of Clubs and their members around the world - acting as the Club's local 'eyes and ears'.

For the full article on the history of correspondents, and how their role has evolved with the rise of technology, read here

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