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P&I保険のリーディング・プロバイダーであるUKP&Iクラブは、船員教育に役立つ「事故の教訓(Lesson Learnt)の動画シリーズ第1作目を発表しました。この動画シリーズでは、人身クレーム・貨物クレームなど様々なP&Iのリスクに焦点をあてる予定で、原則2か月ごとに新作が公開されます。

Videos provide guidance using real-life marine accidents 

UK P&I Club, a leading provider of P&I insurance and other services to the international shipping community, has launched the first in a series of educational and informative, reflective-learning, training videos. The videos, which will be released on a bi-monthly basis, will provide an interactive training experience with a focus on educating crew members on common marine accidents and how to prevent them in future using real-life examples.

The first of the Lessons Learnt videos, Death of a Bosun, tells the tragic story of a bosun who died during a routine lifeboat drill. The accident occurs due to miscommunication between staff, faulty safety devices and unclear instructions. The videos feature solutions and thought-provoking, preventative strategies to mitigate the risk of accidents like those portrayed happening again. The video series will focus on a wide variety of P&I risks including personal injury, pollution, cargo claims and navigation incidents.

Produced by Seattle-based company, Maritime Training Services (MTS), each video will last between three to five minutes and feature easily recognisable situations on board ship. Hosted across Thomas Miller websites, including UK P&I, as well as its YouTube and Vimeo platforms, the videos will be available to view for training purposes by both marine employers and their employees.

Stuart Edmonston, Loss Prevention Director at UK P&I, said, "Reducing the risk of serious incidents and making the shipping industry safer for all marine workers is a key focus for UK P&I. Although the sector as a whole has made huge strides forward in terms of being more safety-conscious, many preventable marine accidents still occur. We hope that these interactive and reflective-learning, training videos will be a useful resource and training aid in the promotion of greater safety at sea."

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