Risk Focus: 安全な補油作業


当クラブでは、最近、補油作業中や燃料油移送中の漏油事故が増加しています。今回のRisk Focusでは、燃料油に関連する作業の安全性をどのように保つかについてのガイダンスをお伝えしています。

How to ensure safe bunkering practice to avoid spills

The Club's claim records indicate a recent increase in the number of pollution incidents relating to bunkering operations or internal bunker transfers, and even relatively minor incidents have resulted in very high value claims for the recovery of pollutants, clean-up, restoration operations and third party damages.

Although the vast majority of bunker transfers are performed without incident, very occasionally, things can and do go wrong. This publication aims to provide guidance for Members on how to ensure bunkering is practiced safely and to prevent losses as a result.


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