Crew Health Advice: 腎臓

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3月9日は世界腎臓デーとされ、腎臓の重要性を啓発する国際的な取り組みが実施されています。当クラブでは、乗組員の腎臓に関する疾病クレームが多く、中には下船や手術が必要となるケースも見られます。今回は、当クラブのクルーヘルスパートナー、Red Square Medical 社の協力のもと、腎臓についての情報をまとめました。添付資料をご覧ください。

On 9th March, we are celebrating World Kidney Day, an awareness day created to remind us all about the importance of the kidneys as part of our overall health. It is quite common for the Club claims teams to see cases of kidney issues in crew onboard, some of which are serious enough to merit debarkation and even surgery for treatment. 

In one recent case, despite the best efforts of physicians, a crew member was diagnosed with kidney stones that could not be removed. The crew member was provided pain relief and repatriated for follow up treatment. The case, which evolved over a few months, reached costs of USD 35,000 and resulted in some disruption to the ship's schedule.

Therefore, with the potential risks involved, we thought we would take a closer look at the kidneys with help from Crew Health partner Red Square Medical. 


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Rachel Smith, Red Square Medical

PI Club