UK P&I CLUB ライブウェビナー (Series 5): 航海計画策定とブリッジ・リソース・マネジメントの実践_Part 2

UK Club live webinar Series 5 PP and BRM 2
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Part 2では、パイロットが質問にお答えします。たくさんのウェビナー視聴者から、パイロットとやり取りする上での専門用語と、関連するベストプラクティスについての質問がありました。よりよい問題解決のため、the UK Maritime Pilots' Associationの事務総長であるキャプテンDon Cockrillと、Harwich Haven AuthorityのシニアパイロットであるキャプテンMike Robartsを当セッションに招きました。

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his webinar has been split into two videos, part 1 contains the complete webinar in which Captain Anuj Velankar, Sr Loss Prevention Executive, dealt with the case study of the CMA CGM Libra, what can be learnt and the best practices to be followed. 

In part 2, a special Q&A session was carried out with Pilots. During registration, a lot of viewers raised the issue of Bridge teams interacting with Pilots and the best practices associated. To better address the situation, the Club invited to the panel Captain Don Cockrill, Secretary General of the UK Maritime Pilots' Association & Captain Mike Robarts, Senior Pilot at Harwich Haven Authority.

Discussions on various aspects of Pilots such as Master-Pilot exchange, contributing to passage planning, bridge team interactions with the Pilots and the future developments in pilotage were taken up.

The webinar was attended by a large segment of industry professionals and active seafarers. It is hoped that the various presentations, Q&A and also the unique opportunity to have Pilots in on the conversation would be appreciated by the audience.

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