VPS社バンカーデータ - 船舶燃料油供給の可用性、品質とコンプライアンス

VPS - Veritas Petroleum Services

当クラブは、船舶用燃料試験およびバンカー・サーベイの世界的マーケットリーダーであるVeritas Petroleum Services (VPS社)と提携しました。VPS社の月間レポートでは、低硫黄燃料油(VLSFO)の可用性、テスト済燃料の品質、潜在的な運航上の問題、商業レベル(エネルギー含有量など)、運航レベル(触媒微粒子や低温流動性など)そしてコンプライアンス・レベル(硫黄含有量)の各レベル毎に見た燃料の性能パフォーマンスについて詳細情報をご覧いただけます。

The Club has partnered with Veritas Petroleum Services (VPS), a global market leader in marine fuel testing and bunker surveys.

VPS is a leader in VLSFO sample testing, witnessing what these low sulphur fuels have to offer, alongside the expected issues and risks in managing these fuels. The data captured combines VPS’ technical expertise with its proprietary database of fuel oil and distillate samples, to derive special insights published in monthly reports.

The monthly reports detail the availability of VLSFO, the quality of the tested fuels, potential operational issues, the performance of the fuel on a commercial level (e.g. energy content), operational level (e.g. catalytic fines, cold-flow properties), and compliance level (e.g. sulphur content).

For detailed information on the monthly insights produced, please contact your local Club contact who will be pleased to assist you. 

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