Bodily Injury News - Summer 2013 edition


The first of our bi-annual editions of Thomas Miller Americas' Bodily Injury News is published this week. The lead editorial from TMA President & CEO Mike Jarrett is reproduced below. Click on the PDF to download the full newsletter.

Bodily Injury Seminar

We will be running our usual Bodily Injury Seminar again this September on the 19th and 20th of the month, here at our New Jersey office.

Last year's seminar was a 'sell-out' as the agenda attracted nearly thirty participants, representing both US and foreign flag carriers. Members who attended came from a variety of operators, both owners and charterers, from liner, tug & barge, tanker to cruise and bulk trades.

The program will again be split over two days. The first half of the seminar will focus on response to a complex casualty incident.Two US lawyers will share their expertise and support breakout sessions using case studies to help participants consolidate their understanding. Networking and group discussions will continue into the evening on a more informal basis.

The second day will tackle assessing a variety of personal injury liabilities to different groups of plaintiffs, determining a cohesive strategy and setting claim reserves.

If you would like to register your interest for this event please contact Susan Pietri by email:



In our line of work we see a sad series of serious injuries, even deaths, arising from apparently innocuous operations on board ship that afflict both the experienced and the inexperienced seafarer.The common thread is that the incidents happened in confined and enclosed spaces on the ship where poor lighting, low oxygen levels or relatively small quantities of noxious fumes can transform simple chores into hazardous operations.

This edition of Bodily Injury News reports some case studies and simple practical precautions that can save lives.

.and legal steps

Accidents cannot be undone. But understanding the legal defences and extent of liability can have a profound effect on long term costs. Two of our articles deal with managing maintenance and cure to a

reasonable conclusion and avoiding some of the pitfalls that beset operators.


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