Inside ship-加熱表面の保護

当クラブが提供するビデオシリーズ“Inside Ship”の3作目となる今回は、機関室内の加熱された表面の保護について焦点をあてています。機関室火災の多くは、排気ガスにより加熱された表面に、漏洩した油が噴霧されたことにより発生しています。

Many engine room fires originate from oil leakages spraying onto hot exhaust surfaces. Knowing how dangerous a fire situation is on board a vessel, the need for good insulation of hot surfaces is vital. Most vessels have well insulated exhaust systems when delivered, but during overhaul or maintenance of engine parts, insulation may be damaged exposing hot surfaces. Such hot spots can be at the base of an exhaust pipe support, an instrument fitted on the exhaust pipeline, or often the flanges between connecting parts.

The Club's on board risk assessments often reveal that exhaust systems are inadequately insulated. An alert engineer's critical eye to ensure perfect insulation of all exhaust pipes and other hot surfaces will make an engine room more fire-safe.

The Club is pleased to bring you the third in our "Inside Ship" video series, this time focusing on shielding of hot surfaces in the engine room. For more information or to recommend a topic you would like covered in this series please get in touch with our loss prevention team who will be pleased to assist you.

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