UKクラブウェビナー (Series 15): 河川や危険な海峡での航行- 実務および法的側面とP&I 的観点

UK Club webinar 15 - rivers and straits
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The UK P&I Club recently held a Webinar on the subject of confined navigation, particularly in rivers such as the Mississippi and Paraná. The webinar received an overwhelming response with 1,139 attendees from all around the world.

The Webinar was hosted by Capt Konstaninos G. Karavasilis of the UK P&I Club and on the panel were George Margetis of Margetis Maritme Consultants, Donal Keany of Ince & Co LLP and Caroline Avgerinou of the UK P&I Club.

The webinar focused on the hydrodynamic effects developing during confined navigation; specifically, squat, bank effect and ship to ship interaction; the different characteristics and the similarities of the Mississippi and Paraná were highlighted.

Various loss prevention issues were touched upon, and the role of the surveyors (both P&I and H&M) were discussed.

The actions to be taken in case of grounding were summarised, along with salvage, contractual considerations and the element of general average.

Finally, a series of case studies were discussed and the role of the P&I Club was explained; practical advice to crew and office personnel was provided in case of an incident.

As part of the webinar, all 3 panellists gave short presentations, followed by an interactive Q&A session based on the questions asked by the audience during registration and the issues raised by the live audience.

A recording of the webinar is provided and will be of great interest to both seafarers out at sea, as well as marine and technical teams who wish to know more about the subject.

For more information please get in touch with the UK P&I Club Loss Prevention team who will be pleased to assist you.

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