UK P&I CLUB LIVE WEBINAR (Series 21) - The Supreme Court verdict on the CMA CGM Libra

UK Club Webinar Series 21 The Supreme Court verdict on the CMA CGM Libra
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In a recent decision on the CMA CGM Libra, the UK Supreme Court upheld the lower court’s decision that defects in passage planning, could render a vessel unseaworthy.

Following a previous webinar on the Court of Appeal decision, the UK Club hosted a follow-up webinar hosted by Capt Anuj Velankar of the UK P&I club and on the panel were Tom Starr, Regional Claims and Toby Stephens, Partner at HFW.

This latest webinar built up on the previous to check if the decision from the UK Supreme Court had any legal implication that went beyond the Court of Appeal judgement and what this means for future disputes on seaworthiness and navigation.

Tom Starr gave a recap of the incident itself and the judgments of the lower courts, following which Toby Stephens went into the details of what the Supreme Court held on the matter.

An interactive Q&A session followed, supplemented live polls in which the audience participated about a scenario on C/P dispute.

A recording of the webinar is provided and will be of great interest to both seafarers out at sea as well as marine and technical teams who wish to know more about the subject.

Readers may also be interested in a supplementary “Ask-an-Expert” recording with Capt Vincent Fernandes where he discusses if an incident such as the grounding of CMA CGM Libra can happen in today with ECDIS and what the best practices for ECDIS might be.

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