Book it right and pack it tight


2024年1月1日より発効される国際海上危険物規定(IMDG Code - Amendment 40-22)の改正に伴い、UK P&Iクラブは危険物の海上運送に関するガイドブック“Book it right and pack it tight”の最新版を発行しました。本ガイドブックは、貨物サプライチェーンのすべての関係者に向け、IMDGコードに基づく実務上の義務等の概要を案内しています。

As part of our commitment to continued knowledge transfer, the Loss Prevention Department of the UK P&I and TT Club have updated our industry leading "Book it right and pack it tight" publication, to bring it in-line with the most current thinking and regulations.

1 June 2022 marked the date of mandatory enforcement of the latest version of the IMDG Code, Amendment 40-20. As a consequence, UKP&I and TT have again collaborated to update their publication 'Book it right and pack it tight'. This guide provides key insights for all participants in the freight supply chain responsible for preparing unitised consignments for carriage by sea. The guide is intended to provide an overview of the key practical duties under the IMDG Code for each individual and entity, while not seeking to meet the mandatory training requirements.

UK P&I and TT Club have recently published an update to this joint publication, now reflecting Amendment 41-22 of the IMDG Code, which enters mandatory effect on 1 January 2024. 


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