UKクラブウェビナー(Series 16):乗組員の健康維持へのイニシアチブ

UK Club and Mission to Seafarers webinar Series 16 Crew health initiatives
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UKクラブはMission to Seafarersと共同で、7月9日に第16回ウェビナーを開催しました。今回は乗組員の健康問題、特にメンタルヘルスに焦点を当てました。UKクラブ Vimeoページからもご覧いただけます。 

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The UK P&I Club recently held the 16th in our series of Live Webinars, this time in collaboration with the Mission to Seafarers. The latest session focussed on Crew Health matters and in particular mental wellbeing.

About the webinar

Seafarers spend long periods of time away from the home, with limited opportunities to communicate with their families whilst balancing their duties onboard under often challenging conditions. All this can impact their wellbeing, resulting in feelings of anxiety, depression, and in the worst cases, thoughts of suicide.

On this topical and emotive subject we focussed on the excellent work undertaken within the industry to raise awareness, educate and prevent episodes of poor mental health onboard.

What was discussed

The first presentation centred on the activities of the Club Loss Prevention and Crew Health teams.  We learnt about the Club focus on crew health and had an overview of some recent projects.  We also discussed the importance of partnerships to the Crew Health team.  It is through our support of maritime charities and partnerships within the industry we are able to access a wide range of seafarer and organise maritime health centric projects for the benefit of our Members.

An overview of a serious incident formed the case study and the audience obtained an insight into the potential complications and difficulties investigating such sensitive cases.

Loss prevention measures were discussed and we learnt a lot more about the Mission to Seafarers WeCare programme from a seafarer’s perspective.  Starting with being introduced to practical wellbeing resources in port, to becoming WeCare graduates of the social and financial wellbeing courses on board.

As part of the webinar, all 3 panellists delivered short presentations which allowed a generous and interactive Q&A session covering not only questions submitted by the audience upon registration but some issues raised by the live audience.

The recording

A recording of the webinar is provided and will be of great interest to seafarers out at sea as well as shipping company personnel on shore who are interested in the topic.

For more information please get in touch with the UK P&I Club Loss Prevention team who will be pleased to assist you.

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